GNB 300mAh 2s 7.6v 80c

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Battery Parameter: Gaoneng 7.6V 300mAh 80C/160C
Capacity: 300mAh
Plug: XT30 Plug
Continuous Discharge Rate: 80C/160C
Weight: 33g
Package Included:
1 x Gaoneng 7.6V 300mAh 80C/160C Lipo Battery XT30 Plug

Gaoneng Battery (GNB) has been leading the industry in the High-Rate Lithium Battery’s on the technical aspect. Having 10 years of battery manufacturing experiences, we have also applied for 8 patent rights on the invention of the battery’s related technicalities and 50 patents for utility models. We independently developed on our technology research and innovation such as battery system’s related material parameters and to determine the materials for the constructions of the batteries.

Through vigorous testing of the battery, we have achieved the conditions that are in accordance to our company’s production related to electrode active materials and its specifications. Our research and development department has independently developed our own ultra-high-powered electrolyte which has better battery performance, longer cycle  life, better safty and better high temperature discharge; enabling us to be able to be leading in the professional drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) battery market.

Our team focuses highly on the battery system design and production process parameters; through controlling and emphasizing on the details. Our production operations operate strictly with ISO9001:2008. Our quality control follows QC080000 in execution; effectively achieving unique standards on the conditions for our batteries such as humidity, dust, burr and metal dust controls. Shorter production period has also been met, along with higher battery density and lighter weight, thus, suitable and meeting the unique requirements for all kinds of high-end unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), drone, aviation equipment and racing model products.