Beta65S BNF Micro Whoop Quadcopter F4, SPI RX and Smart Audio - DSMX

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The Beta65S is one of the most popular micro whoop drones on the market right now and we're bringing it to Australia as our flagship product.

This is our personal favourite drone to whoop around with. Locked in right out of the box, it is precise enough to zip around the tight corners of the smallest of homes, and powerful enough to take on the great outdoors.

With its Ultra lightweight and durable frame and the compact and convenient Betacube F3 flight controller and Cam/VTX stack with Betaflight OSD right out of the box, this 65mm micro quad with extra powerful 17,500Kv 7x16mm motors is a powerful alternative to the Blade Inductrix based Tiny Whoop. 

The 716 motors bring much more power, along with efficiency offering longer flight times and the best possible whooping experience to casual, every-day pilots who aren't concerned with meeting race class MultiGP motor limit requirements.

This quad is a Bind and Fly (BNF) package. It requires no soldering or assembly. Just simply bind your own radio transmitter controller to the quad's receiver and fly.

NOTE: This quad is built on the BetaFPV 65mm frame with 7x16mm motor mounts. Our 6x15mm range of motors will not fit this frame.

Here's some indoor and outdoor FPV footage from the 65S:


  • Frame: 65mm micro whoop frame with 7x16mm motor mounts
  • Motors: 7x16mm 17,500Kv coreless brushed motors
  • Flight controller: Betaflight F3 (FrSky version contains new FC with bigger MOSFET for more power and open UART for smart audio)
  • On Screen Display: Yes, Betaflight OSD out of the box
  • Camera and video transmitter: BetaFPV Z01 all in one Camera and 25mw VTX.
  • Canopy: Yes, blue.
  • Propellers: 1 x set of BetaFPV tri-blade props, blue
  • Battery: 1 x BetaFPV 260mah high voltage HV LiPo
  • Weight: 25g (without battery)
  • Receiver: native or external depending on protocol - more info below



The Frsky version's flight controller contains an integrated SPI receiver supporting the D8 protocol. Please note, this protocol is not compatible with the Frsky Taranis radio transmitter running the EU firmware.

Find out which firmware you have on your radio.

Click here to learn about binding your Frsky radio.


The Spektrum version's flight controller contains an integrated Spektrum receiver supporting the DSM2 and DSMX protocol. Compatible with all DSM2 or DSMX model aircraft model radio transmitters.

Click here to learn about binding your Spektrum radio.

If you experience range issues, setting your radio transmitter to DSM2 will resolve the problem.

Troubleshooting - Loss Radio Connection Easily


The Flysky version includes an external Flysky RX2A Pro receiver. The connection protocol is IBUS.

The receiver supports the AFHDS 2A protocol. Compatible radio transmitters include Flysky FS-I6 or FS-I6S, Turnigy Evolution, TGY-I6 or TGY-I6S etc.

Click here to learn about binding your Flysky radio.


  • 1 x Beta65S BNF Micro FPV Quad
  • 1 x BetaFPV 260mAh 1S HV LiPo Battery

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