Beta65s 65mm tiny whoop frame for 7x16mm motors (hellraiser)

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Turn your tired old whoop in to a flying beast.

Based on the same genius design principles as the trendsetting Beta65 frame, the Beta65S frame is the first custom 65mm frame designed to accept 716 motors, with standard Tiny Whoop style batteries and extra reinforcement for a stronger frame.

Our 716 motors provide significantly more thrust than their 615 19,500Kv (speed: insane) counterparts while offering measurably longer flight times. This frame and motor combination provides the every-day casual pilot, who isn't concerned with meeting MultiGP Tiny Whoop Racing Class motor limit requirements, with the best and most enjoyable whooping experience.

Toss in the flight controller from your old Inductrix or Betaflight-based whoop (without the need to mod) and you have a super whoop with a frame lighter than, but just as strong as, the Eachine E011 without having to use a foam battery tray, while fitting most standard Tiny Whoop style canopies (without mods or glue) all in the same sized package as the Tiny Whoop Racer. 

This is the stock frame included with, and a direct replacement for, our Beta65S BNF drone.


  • Manufacturer: BetaFPV
  • Wheelbase: 65mm
  • Motor mount: 7x16mm
  • Battery mount: Stick-type Tiny Whoop style batteries
  • Weight: 3.3g

    • 1 x Beta65S frame