25% off all brushed motors — for life

25% off motors for life with any BNF, RTF or drone combo purchase


We've searched high and low for the best value for money motors available for your Tiny Whoop and other micro quad drones.
But no matter how good they are, brushed motors have limited lifespans. 
So move over loyalty points — no need to spend $1000 to get $1 off at Tiny FPV.
Motors don't last forever - but our appreciation of your business does.
That's why each customer who purchases a brushed Bind and Fly (BNF), Ready to Fly (RTF) or combo kit will receive a 25% discount on all our brushed motors — for life! 
  1. When considering your next BNF, RTF or combo purchase, if the product page displays the above banner — it is eligible.
  2. You must checkout as a registered, logged in user to enable our system to apply your discount eligibility. Guest checkouts will not qualify.
  3. Other discounts and/or discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with, or in addition to, this offer in order to increase the discount.
  4. That's it!

How to claim your discount

  1. Create a registered user account.
  2. Purchase your eligible BNF, RTF or drone combo — make sure you are logged in to your account when checking out.
  3. You will receive a discount code with your order. 
  4. When making your future motor purchase, make sure you are logged in to your user account when checking out — your discount code will not work if you're not logged in.