About Us

We love FPV and as relatively newcomers to the hobby, we know how quickly it can become quite addictive.

However, as parents, we also know how difficult it can be to find a common connection with a young family member.

That's where our love for micro whoop style drones stems from. With the demands of work, parenting and just life, it has become harder and harder to get out to the field to fly our full-size racing quad.

For us, whooping is the freedom of being able to fly indoors without the risk of damage and share a connection with the next generation. Drones are the current future and what better way to introduce your kids and have fun doing it.

So we went on our search to find a whoop of our own that provided us with the best value for money flight experience we could find out of the box. 

We tested a number of different RTF and BNF whoop style drones before we were able to find something that not only gave us the best flying experience, but presented the best value for money. 

It meant spending much more than we should've had to, and waiting extended periods of time for shipping from countries like the USA and China.

The passion of wanting to share the results of our search - affordably - with others in the community is what has been behind our decision to launch this site.

We set out to offer our locals an alternative to the toy-grade junk swamping local auction websites with massive mark-ups.

In saying that, we acknowledge, with the greatest respect, our awesome, genuine local FPV specialist retailers who play a massive role in the scene and in supporting the community. In the case of Micro Motor Warehouse in particular — we tip our hats to their dedication to our hobby, their innovating and their development of world leading products in this space.

We are not trying to be them, we are not competing with them. 

They have a clearly defined role they are playing.

We intend to stay small and play our tiny role in offering what we feel are the best value BNF and RTF whoop style and micro quads available, at prices comparable to those in the USA and China without the expense and long waits associated with overseas shipping.

If you have a product that you would like us to consider stocking, please contact us via info@tinyfpv.com.au, Facebook messenger, or by clicking here.

Proudly Australian. ABN 38 839 524 610