Manuals and documentation

Below you will find a range of user manuals and support documents for products we sell. 

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Tiny POWA Box - tiny whoop charging case

Your POWA Box comes fitted with a 1s LiPo multi-charger. It allows for charging up to 6 1s LiPo batteries at once.

Each of the six charging ports are on individual charging circuits allowing you to add and remove individual batteries at any time during each individual charging cycle.

Powering the charger using the micro USB connector will allow you to charge up to three batteries at one time. Ports 4, 5 and 6 are active via USB. Powering via a the XT60 connector (accepting 2S - 4S batteries) allows you to charge up to six batteries at one time across all six ports.

Once a battery is inserted, a red LED located next to the charging port will become active. The LED will remain solid until the charging battery reaches 4.35v — at which time, the LED will turn off.

Always play safely with LiPo batteries. Never leave them charging unattended. Charge and store them in a fire safe LiPo bag or other container in a fire-safe area. 

By default, the charger will charge batteries to 4.35volts. However, it is extremely important that, in its default configuration, you do not attempt to charge a "non-HV" 4.2v battery on this charger. All 1S batteries we sell are HV LiPos and compatible with this charger in its default configuration.

If you wish to charge non-HV batteries to a finishing charge of 4.2volts, you are required to remove the charger from the case housing using the screws securing it to the case and then to "jump" a solder pad, illustrated by the photo below:

Beta65, 65S and 75

Beta65S Lite

BetaFPV Z01 AiO Cam/VTX

Frequency chart

How to change your video frequency:

  • Press Band/Channel button once to change channel. Channel LEDs will skip to next one after single press.
  • Press and hold button for 4 seconds to change frequency band. Band LEDs will skip to next one accordingly.