31mm (0.8mm shaft) quad-blade propellers for brushed tiny whoop BetaFPV

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Experienced pilots will have different preferences when it comes to the number of blades on whoop drone propellers.

However, the general consensus is that 4-blade props produce greater thrust at a small efficiency expense — making them perfect for those looking for that extra edge when racing.

These props are suitable for the original brushed Tiny Whoop and Inductrix frames, other 65mm frames and fit the inner shaft of all our coreless brushed 615 and 716 motors.

By default, these props will not fit the 1mm shaft of BetaFPV's brushless motors. They can be modified by drilling out the shaft opening, however this isn't recommended for novices.

Note: some colours may vary in the prop design — this hasn't proven to introduce any difference in thrust creation.


  • Product material: Plastic
  • Outer diameter: 31mm
  • Shaft diameter:  0.8mm
  • Height: 7.2mm
  • Weight (2CW+2CCW): 1gram 
  • 2 x Clockwise 4-blade 31mm props
  • 2 x Counter-clockwise 4-blade 31mm props

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