40mm (1mm shaft) tri-blade light-weight propellers for brushless & 720 brushed tiny whoop

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Experienced pilots will have different preferences when it comes to the number of blades on whoop drone propellers.

However, the general consensus is that 3-blade props produce an acceptable balance between thrust, gripping and efficiency — making them perfect for every day flying with longer flight times.

These props are suitable for the brushless tiny micro quadcopter whoops and and fit the shafts of BetaFPV's 0603, 0703 and 0705 brushless motors as well as 720 brushed motors on 75mm frames.

These props will not work with our coreless brushed motors - the shaft diameter opening is too large and props will not be securely affixed to those motors.


  • Product material: Plastic
  • Outer diameter: 40mm
  • Shaft diameter:  1mm
  • Height: 7.2mm
  • Weight (2CW+2CCW): 1gram 
  • 2 x Clockwise 3-blade 40mm props
  • 2 x Counter-clockwise 3-blade 40mm props

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