Beta65 65mm micro whoop frame with 6x15mm motor mounts for tiny whoop

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Jesse Perkins started the Tiny Whoop craze by throwing an FPV camera on to the Blade Inductrix. The Tiny Whoop allowed pilots to get their FPV fix by taking a lap around inside their houses on a work night without compromising safety. BLISS!!

But one inherent issue FPV pilots continue to complain about with the original Inductrix, and it's successors, is the durability of it's ultralight frame. Weight is an important factor here, as it is the light weight of these micro quadcopter drones that make them fly so well while remaining safe to fly around the house and in close proximity to other people. But that came at the expense of durability. The Inductrix frame was easily broken, particularly around the ducts and their struts after the lightest of impacts.

Along came the Eachine E010 frame which changed all of that. Far more durable, but at the expense of weight along with a strange battery slot requiring a foam insert to use the standard Tiny Whoop / Inductrix style batteries. Some will argue the weight increase was insignificantly small, but the fact is when we're talking about an ultralight quad running brushed motors — any additional weight is insignificant.

Along comes what independent reviews label The Perfect Tiny Whoop Frame

Lighter, significantly more durable.

The Beta65 frame is made from the same lightweight material as the Inductrix frame, built just as durable as the Eachine E010 frame while weighing in LIGHTER than both the E010 AND Inductrix frames.

It accepts standard Tiny Whoop / Inductrix style batteries without the need for any foam inserts or other mods and employs an entirely new strut design which creates an X design across the frame all the way back to the battery chamber and employs a flat cross section for greater bonding area with the ducts — significantly improving overall durability.

This frame can (from significant personal experience!) take a beating.

This is the stock frame included with, and a direct replacement for, our Beta65 (racing class) BNF drone. It is also a direct replacement for many micro drones drones running 6x15mm 615 motors.


  • Manufacturer: BetaFPV
  • Wheelbase: 65mm
  • Motor mount: 6x15mm
  • Colour: translucent white
  • Weight: 3.0g (compared to the Inductrix at 3.22g and Eachine E010 at 5.0g)


  • 1 x Beta65 frame


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