Tiny Powa Box charger & storage case for tiny whoop

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There is no better accessory for your tiny whoop or other micro. A safe and convenient way to store your whoop and parts, its batteries and charge on the go with the Tiny POWA Box.

Within the main lid you'll find a section to house your spare props, motors and canopies along with small tools and accessories.

Inside the main compartment, removable battery inserts allow you to fit fit 15 standard stick-type 1S tiny whoop batteries or 15 of the wider Eachine type 1S batteries.

In the centre, a removable frame allows you to store any whoop with a wheelbase of up to 77mm.

Off to the right you'll find a 1S multi-charger capable of charging up to six batteries at once, supporting both 1.25 micro-JST and the newer and more efficient JST-PH 2.0 "powerwhoop" connectors, through an XT60 and a micro USB charging port on the side of your POWA Box.

This is not a balance charger - it contains six individual charging circuits allowing you to plug and unplug batteries as they're done to keep you in the air cycling through batteries without waiting for a balance charge to conclude.


  • Length: 208mm
  • Width: 119mm
  • Height: 72mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Charging connectors: XT60 (up to six 1S batteries at once), Micro USB (up to three 1S batteries at once)
  • Finished charge voltage: 4.35v (HV batteries only) by default, 4.2v by jumping a solder pad


  • 1 x Tiny POWA Box
  • 2 x battery inserts
  • 1 x inner frame and mounting screws for smaller whoops
  • 1 x 1S multicharger 

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